I'm in Charge!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Rhino is a fesity little whirlwind who likes to boss people around, keep all the food to himself, and take charge of every situation.

While scoffing some mangoes, Pygmy Mouse tries to warn him of danger: there's a stampede of wildebeest heading straight in his direction. But will the wilful Rhino listen to a little creature like that?

A cautionary tale for the more spirited of children, this book shows how being in charge all the time is not just a bit mean, but can come back to bite you. Maybe, just sometimes, it's worth ditching the 'Rhino rules' and listening to the advice and comments of others around you.

The wonderfully funny rhyming will keep children reading along with interest and anticipation, while the 'blocky' illustrations are dreamy and mesmerising and really bring Rhino to life.

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