I Love You More And More

Publisher: Little Tiger

Bear and Cub love roaming through their world: forests of silver-birch trees, flower-strewn meadows, crystal lakes, waterfalls and towering mountains.  And as they roam, Bear explains how much she loves Cub.  

Bear loves Cub more than fish love swimming in the sea, more than stars enjoy sparkling in the sky. Bear's love for Cub is as high as the trees, as deep as the icy blue waters: it changes and matures like the seasons. Cub marvels at this astonishing world, secure in the knowledge that Bear's love is an equally special part of his world.

Landscapes, animals, plants and trees are elegantly portrayed in stylish, subtly coloured graphic double-page spreads. The deceptively simple rhyming text celebrates the solidity of this parent and child bond.

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