I Am Brown

Publisher: Lantana

In this adorable picture book, a little girl celebrates her beautiful brown skin and imagines all the possibilities life has for her and her friends: they can become an athlete, a prime minister, a scientist or an electrician. She celebrates all the things she loves to do: solving crimes, making art, designing rocket ships and helping people. Between them, the children speak so many different languages, live in different types of houses, wear prom dresses, a salwar and kameez, blouses and sarees, tops and skirts, lehengas and even business suits. All options are welcome and all possibilities are open!

Celebrating diversity and the variety of faiths (including not having a particular faith), clothes, languages, aspirations, hobbies and cultures of a group of brown skinned children, this delightful and upbeat book is all about being proud of your achievements, happy in your identity and comfortable within your wider community. It would be a lovely one to have at storytime at school and as the focus for talking about our similarities and preferences with little ones.

Sandhya Prabhat’s illustration abounds with happy children giggling, twirling, thinking and enjoying life: anyone reading this little gem of a picture book will finish it with a smile on their face.

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