Princess Arabella is a Big Sister

Publisher: Cassava Republic

Princess Arabella is bored playing by herself, so decides she would like a sibling. When she raises the subject with her parents, they ask if she would prefer a brother or a sister. She gives the question careful consideration and over the next few weeks, observes her friends’ siblings to help her decide.

Prince Mimoun seems to get on splendidly with his little sister Laila, until a huge row blows up over the sharing of sweets, so she rules out this option. Princess Ling has three delightful little brothers, but when a fight is triggered by a missing jigsaw piece, Princess Arabella has second thoughts. Even Princess Sophie’s big sister seems a bit moody. Eventually, she concludes that perhaps it is better to remain an only child, but when she delivers this news to her parents, they have a surprise for her.

This charming new tale in the Princess Arabella series, featuring BAME characters, is full of gentle humour about the ups and downs of sibling relationships. Vibrant illustrations burst from every page, making this a fun book to share with young children, particularly those who are anticipating a new arrival in the family.

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