Invented by Animals

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

This fun and informative picture book explores how animal anatomy, behaviour and skills have influenced the development of a range of human inventions. Packed full of interesting information, it not only highlights the remarkable capabilities of many creatures, but also shows how these qualities have been incorporated into the design of various objects and technologies.

For example, the wing configuration of dragonflies inspired the creation of a small, four-winged drone that can hold its position even in strong winds; the tunnelling techniques of the humble shipworm helped engineer Marc Brunel to develop some ingenious methods of tunnel construction in the 19th century; and wind turbines are constructed with bumpy blades, which mimic the knobbly flippers of a humpback whale, making them more efficient and quieter than a smooth design.

Each page is bursting with fascinating facts, commentary from a range of animal narrators and questions for the reader to consider. Enhanced by colourful, entertaining illustrations, this unusual non-fiction book is easy to navigate and enjoyable to read. Perfect for budding inventors, designers and engineers, it would also appeal to anyone with an interest in animals, science and technology.

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