The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish

Publisher: Walker Books

In this delightful picture book, scientist Dr Morley sets out to achieve her lifelong dream of finding the mysterious giant Arctic jellyfish. This is a creature that everyone talks about but no one has ever seen. Could it be real or is it just a myth?

After lots of planning, Dr Morley and her crew set off in their ship to explore the Arctic. They witness amazing things on their journey, but will they find the giant Arctic jellyfish? Reading the pictures is as important as reading the words in this multi-layered story where the illustrations tell much of the story, showing things to the reader that are out of Dr Morley’s sight – like who is hiding just around that corner or behind that iceberg…

This funny tale is a visual treat, with graphic novel elements, detailed ship cross-sections and dual underwater/above water perspectives. Younger readers will enjoy the hide-and-seek element, while the combination of scientific exploration, mythical creatures and themes of human endurance provides high interest and points of discussion for older readers.

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