I Am Every Good Thing

Publisher: Farshore

The little boy depicted in this gorgeous book is a ball of energy; a gentleman and a scholar; a hilarious friend and a good brother. He gazes through a telescope to places he yearns to explore; he is a sponge, soaking up information, desperate to learn. Yet, sometimes, he is afraid of the world around him. Fortunately, the adults in his life will always be there to support him, as will all of those that are good of heart in the wider world.

A stunning visual poem dedicated to supporting and loving black boys, I Am Every Good Thing features incredible painterly illustration from Gordon C. James which is breathtaking and really brings a tear to the eye on some particularly emotive spreads. There’s a reminder in the dedication of some of the real life black boys whose lives have ended far too soon as a result of prejudice: while they’re not specifically mentioned in the text, there is still a reference to name-calling and sadness, meaning that this book would work with an older audience to support a discussion around racism and the Black Lives Matter movement as well as being a wonderful, cuddly read to share with little ones.

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