I Like Trains

Publisher: Walker Books

A little dog loves playing trains: sometimes with a train set that can pull a truck full of toy animals; sometimes driving a cardboard-box train; and sometimes reading about trains of all shapes and sizes.

The best thing of all is going for a trip on a real train. Arriving at the station, buying the tickets, finding the platform, choosing a seat and watching the world go by through the window...

But perhaps the person at the end of the journey is most exciting. Whether it’s talking about the journey, drawing a train picture or playing on the train at the playground, any train is even better if it’s shared with Granny!

This delightfully simple picture book takes youngsters through every stage of a train journey, whether it’s going through a dark tunnel or feeling the whoosh of a train passing in the opposite direction. And with plenty to recognise and talk about on every page this is a great picture book for toddlers and preschoolers.

Bold, expressive illustrations help the excitement build and lead the train through the pages, reflecting the reader’s journey through the book. An essential shared reading experience for train-lovers and grannies everywhere.

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