It's OK to Cry

Publisher: Featherstone

Emotions can be challenging to navigate, particularly for young children, and this accessible picture book will help them to recognise, talk about and understand their feelings. Each chapter explores a different topic, including ‘positive feelings that make you smile’, ‘negative feelings that make you frown’ or ‘feelings that show you care’. Simple language and relatable examples are used, such as feeling excited before a birthday or shy around new people.

Some chapters focus specifically on boys, addressing the subliminal messages they may receive from the media and people around them, which frequently encourages them to supress their emotions. There are strategies to help deal with difficult feelings, while a brief summary on each page highlights any key points to think about.

Colourful illustrations of children experiencing different emotions are accompanied by captions and speech bubbles to explain how they are feeling. A mix of ethnicities are depicted, ensuring this book is accessible to a broad range of readers from a variety of backgrounds. With notes for parents and carers, this invaluable book is ideal to help young children develop their emotional intelligence in a sensitive and considered way.

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