Rajiv’s Starry Feelings

Publisher: Lantana

Rajiv has feelings for everything. But today he has thrown his lunar rover at the wall and shouted at his sister, and he doesn’t know why

Luckily, his dad has a suggestion. Together, they climb a tree in the park and look at the stars. If they take their time, they can see their own shyness, their anger, and their happiness in pictures in the stars. There’s Rajiv playing catch! There’s Dad cooking curries for dinner! Dad suggests that, just like astronauts use the constellations to navigate, Rajiv uses his emotions to guide his actions. The stars are always there, to show the way. 

This is a gentle story about identifying your emotions, and learning to accept them. There will be much to discuss when reading this with a child aged 3 and older.

The relationship between Rajiv and his father is warm and lovingit’s great to have a dad character role-modelling talking about feelings. Beautiful illustrations echo the warm, loving conversation and could inspire many star-gazing moments. A gorgeous book that would be lovely to share with pre-schoolers.

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