I Will Swim Next Time

Publisher: Floris Books

A child begins their journey of experiencing water as a baby in their mother’s arms – but the sea is so big that they feel scared by it.

The next summer, when they’re a little older, they dip their toe into a quiet lake. They read books about swimming like mermaids with Mum, and start to feel a little better about water.

But it’s only much later when they finally pluck up the courage to get into a swimming pool with Mum that they realise how much they actually love being in the water.

This adorable, sweet book is all about reassuring little ones that they can take their time with things they feel nervous about, and that there’s no rush to get to grips with new experiences like swimming. Everyone will come to it in their own time, and Mum is happy to be patient and supportive.

Matilda Ruta’s warm and generous illustrations of a black mother and child are delightful, and it’s also lovely that the child’s gender isn’t specifically referenced in either Joof’s text or Ruta’s neutral illustration, meaning that this picture book is relatable for any child who has experienced feeling nervous of water – or, indeed, nervous about any new experience.

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