In The Mouth of the Wolf

Publisher: Egmont

Francis is an old man now, and the people of the small French village he lives in are celebrating his 90th birthday. But Francis was not always old, and in the night after his birthday celebrations, he remembers his youth – first as a pacifist, then as a member of the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation.

A cast of characters from his past – from his brother to his comrades – each come to life again and play their part as he remembers his exciting, but tragic past.

Based on the true life story of the author’s uncle, this is a deeply moving book that packs a lot of emotion, and a vivid cast of characters, into very few chapters. The subject matter and the tragically early deaths of many of the characters make this a very sad book, but it also contains hope, love and astonishing adventures. Biographical notes at the end of the book ensure that the reader never forgets that these are real people.

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