I’m (Almost) Never Bored

Publisher: Usborne

Life is busy for the little girl in this story – most of the time. Sometimes though, when Mummy and Daddy cut short her screen time and are too busy to play, she can’t help but feel bored - very bored. But each time boredom strikes, Mummy and Daddy remind her that it is a good thing because being bored always comes “right before having a Really Good Idea!” And soon the little girl discovers that there is truth in this.

Each boring moment brings out the little girl’s imagination and with it, new adventures. There’s an empty cardboard box which becomes a magic train, a colourful scribble that becomes a tangly spaghetti monster and a washing machine run that becomes a whirlwind ride in outer space. It seems being bored isn’t such a bad thing after all…

This delightful and warmly illustrated picture book celebrates the importance of children having moments to be bored to allow time for their creativity and imagination to thrive. The playful holes and doodle-like illustrations dotted throughout the book perfectly complement the little girl’s spirited creativity and adventure. This could be a helpful story for parents short on time and as a gentle motivator for children to spend some time away from screens.

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