I've Broken My Bum!

Publisher: Scholastic

Our hero returns for more toilet-humour hijinks in this sequel to the international bestseller, I Need A New Bum!

Disaster strikes when the boy in this book falls over and breaks his bum, squashing it flat as a pancake. Luckily, he has an ingenious plan – he’ll glue it back together and it’ll be good as new! However, the glue he’s using is very sticky… and he finds his backside fused to the tea-tray he’s working on. Can he adjust to life with a tea-tray stuck to his bum? And could it be there are some surprising upsides to his new backside?

Somehow even sillier than the first book in this series, this rhyming picture book is ideal for young fans of bums, farts, and all things bottom-related – and thankfully comes with a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer for anyone planning on gluing things to their own bum.

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