Is My Teacher a Robot?

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Publisher: Stripes

Robin is an eccentric family robot, built by grandma to look after Jess and Jake. Robin wakes up after a reboot one day convinced he’s a teacher and is hired as a supply cover - for Jess and Jake’s class! 

Robin and the class enter a science competition and invent a car fuelled by waste. The children are proud and hopeful so when the project begins to fall apart, Jess suspects their nasty neighbour Mr Burton may be involved - and when Robin disappears on the eve of the science fair, Jess fears the worst.

The sequel to My Babysitter is a Robot is a zany twist on school life with lots of laughs and raucous adventure, full of sneaking around and close shaves. It’s great to see lots of positive messages about family bonds and friendship too. This is a fairly short book, but the level of vocabulary will challenge most children in primary school.

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