I Can Learn My First Colours: Animal World

Publisher: Little Tiger

What colour is a flamingo? Why is a giraffe so tall? What does an elephant do with its trunk? The answers are in the bold illustrations and snappy rhymes in this sturdy, interactive board book.

Ten familiar animals from around the world each have a page, a colour and a short rhyme to introduce themselves to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. By turning a set of brightly painted, spinning, wooden discs, youngsters can match a further ten animals by colour - or just enjoy the pictures and the process of spinning them round.

The stylised depictions of animals and the rhythm of the text will appeal to younger children while those who are a little older will enjoy the challenge of matching colours. The inclusion of creatures as diverse as a ladybird, a bear, an octopus and a penguin means there’s plenty to talk about in terms of size, habitats and other things that might connect or differentiate animals.

An exciting, hands-on look at colours suitable for a wide, pre-school age range.     

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