Imaginary Fred

Publisher: HarperCollins

Fred is an imaginary friend who floats like a feather in the clouds, waiting for a lonely child to wish him into existence. He is a faithful companion, providing friendship, comfort and ultimately the confidence to seek real friends. Once this happens, Fred begins to fade until the wind whisks him back into the clouds to await the call from another lonely child. 

When he is summoned by Sam, Fred has never been so happy. Calling themselves the Dramatic Duo, the pair have great fun together, acting out plays, reading books, even figuring out how the toilet works. However, when Sam inevitably meets a real friend, it is with a heavy heart that Fred prepares to disappear once again. 

Lyrical text is complemented by expressive line drawings with splashes of colour, which perfectly evoke Fred's personality and emotions. This uplifting and funny picture book about overcoming loneliness celebrates the power of hope and friendship.

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