Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Izzy Gizmo returns in the sequel to her eponymous picture book debut, and she's ready to invent the answers to some more problems with her trusty companion, Fixer, by her side.

Izzy and Fixer have been invited to a prestigious competition and the race is on to win the Genius Guild Badge, but the other competitors are using all the supplies and there's no power left for Izzy. Fixer comes to the rescue by encouraging Izzy to power up her recycling machine using natural resources. 

Fixer comes to the rescue by showing her back to nature, and using natural resources Izzy is ready to power up her recycling machine. How will the pair fare in the competition?

Pip Jones's witty rhymes read beautifully; they're bouncy and clever and lots of fun. Paired with Sara Ogilvie's brilliantly bright and joyful illustrations, this book is a delight for any little engineers out there.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style story will make everyone smile, but there is also an opportunity to discuss renewable and sustainable energy sources and the wider implications on the environment. It’s an important subject that can be introduced in a very simple way through this clever tale of one plucky girl and her bird.

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