I Am Hungry

Publisher: Walker Books

The little red squirrel in this book is super hungry. They dream about eating yummy piles of peas, plates of boiled rice, a whole birthday cake and some vanilla ice-cream. But as they fantasise more and more, the squirrel starts to think of all manner of other strange things they’d quite like to eat: a bit of the moon, a signpost and maybe even a frying pan. What? You can’t eat that – can you?!

This fun rhyming tale is a journey of imagination for readers, encouraging them to think of the craziest things they could imagine eating. In true Michael Rosen style, nothing is too silly, and there’s even a little note at the beginning to encourage parents to make a game of imagining all the crazy things they and their children could eat. Robert Starling’s expressive and big illustrations are a perfect match, as is the nice large, bold font which makes this a super accessible, fun read for toddlers and preschoolers.

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