WANTED: The Chocolate Monster

Publisher: Faber & Faber

One day when a little girl is watching TV, the newsreader delivers a shocking public warning: a chocolate monster named The Chunk is on the loose!

Purple, furry, silent, and eight feet tall, The Chunk has a bulbous, twitching nose and gleaming eyes and he's on the prowl, sniffing out chocolate to steal. Children must be on the alert! The Chunk will steal anything - birthday cakes, truffles, pudding, chocolates straight out of the box; he'll even nick biscuits and then smear the chocolate around YOUR mouth. Outrageous.

Fans of The Gruffalo will adore this hilarious and smearily chaotic picture book about guzzling all the chocolates and trying not to be found out. Laura Hughes' The Chunk is appealingly Muppet-like and just fluffy enough to be actually rather adorable. A delightful book about the joys of chocolate for all the other chocolate monsters out there.

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