Publisher: David Fickling Books

SOMEONE has sucked all the jam from Sam’s doughnut. It’s wrinkly and dry! Who would do this - and why?

Rightly outraged at this bakery-related theft, Sam ambushes the culprits: two young, very hungry Jampires that are far away from home. Meanwhile, up in the sky are fields of jam tarts and skyberry orchards where the mother Jampires anxiously await their little ones. They’re so happy to have the little ones home that they make sure Sam will never want for jam doughnuts again…

Probably (and sadly) the only vampire/jam mash-up in existence, this is a delightful rhyming picture book with cute little jampires that children will adore. Sarah McIntyre and David O'Connell have created lush, zany and characterful illustrations that are the perfect companion to their humorous text.

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