Infernal Devices

Publisher: Scholastic

Third in Philip Reeve’s series, Infernal Devices sees Anna Fang’s Green Storm forces still locked in destructive conflict with the Traction cities. Tom and Hester are now living reclusively in Anchorage - but their daughter, Wren, yearns for adventure. When Gargle and the Lost Boys unexpectedly appear, Wren is persuaded to steal Anchorage Library’s Tin Book.

But Gargle’s not alone in wanting it and the now terrified Wren is – reluctantly - thrust into a dangerous quest to retrieve it, Tom and Hester in hot pursuit. Full of addictive action and wonderfully satiric humour (Pennyroyal’s now Mayor of Brighton!), this volume also has darker notes, as close relationships between characters are stretched to their very limits.

The heart-wrenching, cliff-hanger of an ending will definitely leave you wanting number four!

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