I Like Animals... What Jobs Are There?

Publisher: Ivy Kids

This informative non-fiction picture book provides invaluable information for children who are considering an animal-related career. The introduction explains various attributes which are useful for working with animals, such as kindness, patience and a love of learning. Twenty-five different jobs are explored, giving insights into the typical daily routine, as well as the highs and lows, of each profession. Readers will learn that a stable manager begins work at 5am, when the horses want breakfast, while dog walkers must be physically fit and prepared to be outside in all weathers.

There are roles which will be familiar to children, such as a vet or zookeeper, as well as more unusual occupations, including a guide dog trainer, pet adoption counsellor and an animal actor agent. At the end is a useful section matching skills, qualities and interests to different jobs, for example, a creative animal-lover who likes travel may enjoy a career as a wildlife filmmaker.

Colourful illustrations feature a broad mix of BAME people, and the pages are clearly laid out, easy to navigate and very accessible. Look out for other titles in the series including I Like Sport and I Like the Outdoors.

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