Viking Voyagers: Discover the Story of the Vikings

Publisher: Big Picture Press

Did you know that some of the words we still use today, such as glitter, enthrall and Friday, come from the Vikings? Or that in a Viking longhouse, people often brought their animals inside to shelter from the winter weather? Or what about that Vikings believed there was a special place in Asgard (the realm of the gods) for the most honourable Viking warriors to go after their death, called Valhalla, but that some honourable Vikings would also go to Folkvangr, a field ruled by the goddess Freya where they would feast and fight every day and heal their wounds every night?

Vikings may have a reputation as warriors, but there is a lot more to learn about their complex culture, including a rich mythology. The book’s engaging, clear and stylish illustration along with some glorious fold-out sections (the full page double fold out showing the Viking World Tree, for instance, is glorious) make it a real treat to discover. A wonderful, detailed look at all aspects of Viking culture, from crafts to boats, legends, social hierarchies, food, animals and fighting methods.

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