Books beginning with: V

  • Valdemar's Peas

    Author: Maria Jönsson
    Publisher: Gecko Press
    Interest age: 4-7
    Reading age: 6+

    A cheeky and ingenious little wolf must find a way to get the ice cream he loves without having to eat the peas he hates.

  • Valentine Joe

    Author: Rebecca Stevens
    Publisher: Chicken House
    Interest age: 10-12
    Reading age: 9+

    Based on a true story, Valentine Joe offers an intriguing insight into the war, but at the same time provides a window into Rose's relationship with her family.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Author: Bob Graham
    Publisher: Walker Books
    Interest age: 3-6
    Reading age: 5+

    A curious little sparrow travels from a dusty Indian truck stop to a vast southern city across the ocean. This endearing picture book about how lives are interconnected is accompanied by gentle pen, ink and watercolour illustrations.

  • Varjak Paw

    Author: SF Said
    Publisher: David Fickling Books
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 8+

    Pedigree cat Varjak Paw lives in a luxurious mansion with his family, but when trouble comes to their door, he's forced to escape to the streets to enlist the help of a sworn enemy. A modern adventure which considers what it is to be persecuted for coming from a different culture, and, at the same time, find strength in the wisdom passed down from our ancest…

  • Veg Patch Party

    Author: Clare Foges and Al Murphy
    Publisher: Faber

    When the moon is high and the farm animals have gone to bed... it's time for the vegetables to wake up and throw a party! 

  • Vegetables of India

    Author: Jill Hartley
    Publisher: Tara Publishing
    Reading age: 1+

    For the first time, over twenty of the most commonly consumed vegetables in India have been presented in a colourful and appealing book for babies and toddlers.

  • Vehicles ABC

    Author: Jannie Ho
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    This alphabet board book is a surefire hit for any little people who love things that go. The sturdy card pages mean even overenthusiastic readers can’t damage the book and it will stand up to being flipped through time and time again.

  • Velvet

    Author: Mary Hooper
    Publisher: Bloomsbury
    Interest age: 12-13
    Reading age: 12+

    This novel engagingly depicts the Victorian fascination with spiritualism and also paints a vivid picture of  life for a working class girl in this era

  • Verity Fibbs

    Author: Cathy Brett
    Publisher: Headline
    Interest age: 12-13
    Reading age: 10+

    Whether she's impersonating her fashion designer mum to sneak into celebrity night spots, jumping into limousines with mysterious boys, or sneaking her way on board a yacht for an exclusive party, 15 year old Verity Fibbs is always determined to make life as interesting as possible - even if it means twisting the truth.

  • Vern and Lettuce

    Author: Sarah McIntyre
    Publisher: David Fickling Books
    Interest age: 8-10
    Reading age: 8+

    A collection of humorous comic-strip stories that follow best friends Lettuce the rabbit and Vern the sheep as they meet a range of equally likeable characters.

  • Veronica Twitch the Fabulous Witch: in Double-Bubble Girl-Band Trouble!

    Author: Erica-Jane Waters
    Publisher: Wacky Bee Books
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    A light-hearted adventure for newly independent and middle grade readers, packed with spells, magical gadgetry and witch-related witticisms.

  • Vi Spy: Licence to Chill

    Author: Maz Evans
    Publisher: Chicken House
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Thrilling, funny and inventive adventure featuring a wannabe spy, an evil supervillain and a secret weapon that could explode her Mum’s brain.

  • Vi Spy: Never Say Whatever Again

    Author: Maz Evans
    Publisher: Chicken House
    Interest age: 9-12
    Reading age: 8+

    The second adventure for Vi, the wannabe spy, and her blended family as they seek to foil Umbra’s latest dastardly plot for world domination. 

  • Vicky Angel

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Random House
    Interest age: 8-9
    Reading age: 9+

    A moving novel about guilt and bereavement, written with humour and sensitivity.

  • Victor, The Wolf with Worries

    Author: Catherine Rayner
    Publisher: Macmillan
    Interest age: 4-5
    Reading age: 7+

    Victor is a young wolf who has lots of worries. He worries about pretty much everything: that he isn't brave enough, that he isn't big enough and that he isn't fierce enough. But with the help of his best friend and some gentle techniques, Victor eventually learns to cope with his anxieties.

  • Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering

    Author: Harriet Muncaster
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 8+

    Meet Victoria Stitch - gothic, glamorous, and determined to be Queen! Perfect for young witchy fans of Muncaster's Isadora Moon or Laura Ellen Anderson's Amelia Fang.

  • Victoria's Day

    Publisher: Frances Lincoln
    Interest age: 4+
    Reading age: 5+

    A photographic diary documenting a day in the life of a four year old girl.

  • Victory

    Author: Susan Cooper
    Publisher: Random House
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Two children cross an ocean, two hundred years apart. Newbery medal winner and Carnegie nominee Susan Cooper offers an outstanding contribution to the flood of novels inspired by the Trafalgar bicentenary.

  • VIII

    Author: H M Castor
    Publisher: Templar Publishing
    Interest age: 12-13
    Reading age: 11+

    This outstanding young adult novel tells the story of Henry VIII, from his earliest days as precocious young Prince Hal, right up until his death

  • Viking Boy

    Author: Tony Bradman
    Publisher: Walker Books
    Interest age: 8-10
    Reading age: 9+

    When Gunar’s father is taken by the Valykries to Valhalla, Gunar makes it his mission to bring his father back – but unfortunately, he is no fighter.

  • Viking Longship

    Author: Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9

    Learn how the Vikings travelled from their homeland facing storms and rowing for days across the ocean.

  • Viking Voyagers: Discover the Story of the Vikings

    Author: Jack Tite
    Publisher: Big Picture Press
    Interest age: 6-11
    Reading age: 6+

    Engaging, clear and stylish illustration along with some glorious fold-out sections make this book a real treat to discover. A wonderful, detailed look at all aspects of Viking culture, from crafts to boats, legends, social hierarchies, food, animals and fighting methods

  • Vikings in the Supermarket

    Author: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: David Fickling Books
    Interest age: 5-6
    Reading age: 5+

    Six Vikings on a shopping trip, one tartan-patterned cat, a clever little mermaid, a naughty vampire bat, the queen who's really fond of green, the pirate Tidy Clyde, open up this jolly book and meet them all inside!

  • Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

    Author: Harriet Whitehorn Illustrator: Becka Moor
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster
    Interest age: 8-10
    Reading age: 8+

    The exciting tale is peppered with clues so readers can follow Violet's quest as well as guess themselves who the baddies might be.

  • Violet and the Smugglers

    Author: Harriet Whitehorn Illustrator: Becka Moor
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster
    Interest age: 7-10
    Reading age: 7+

    While on a sailing trip to Venice, Violet and her friends stumble across a gang of smugglers. An action-packed sleuthing adventure, ideal for newly confident readers.

  • Violet Ink

    Author: Rebecca WestcottIllustrator: Matt Jones
    Publisher: Puffin
    Interest age: 11-12
    Reading age: 11+

    An engaging read that shows the importance of family, and the many shapes and forms it can come in.

  • Violet’s Tempest

    Author: Ian Eagleton Illustrator: Clara Anganuzzi
    Publisher: Lantana

    Violet’s class are preparing for their school play – Shakespeare’s The Tempest. While her classmates buzz with excitement, she begins to worry. Recently, Violet’s world has changed. Her voice has gone from a giggle to a whisper. She’s not sure how she can play the role of the airy and mischievous sprite Ariel, when she feels so sad and heavy.

    At home, her wo…

  • Viper's Daughter

    Author: Michelle Paver
    Publisher: Zephyr
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Torak and his mate Renn have been living happily with their wolf pack in the great Forest for two years. Yet one day, Torak discovers that Renn has taken a canoe and disappeared. Why has she left, and can Torak find her? The seventh book in Paver's multi-million selling Wolf Brother is an epic new adventure for fans of the franchise or those coming to i…

  • Virus (4u2read)

    Author: Tommy Donbavand
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke
    Interest age: 7-9
    Reading age: 7+

    This short, snappy, fast-moving story packs a lot of action into an entertaining, imaginative, technologically inspired plot.

  • Virus: Virtual Kombat 2

    Author: Chris Bradford Illustrator: Anders Frang
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke
    Interest age: 9-14
    Reading age: 9+

    A tense and gripping thriller set in the world of virtual reality gaming, presented in a super-readable and accessible format for teens.

  • Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend

    Author: Kim Fupz Aakeson Illustrator: Niels Bo Bojesen Translator: Ruth Garde
    Publisher: Pushkin Children's
    Reading age: 7+

    When a new family move into the neighbourhood, Vitello is excited - but he is disappointed to discover they don't have a cool boy for him to play with, only a yucky girl.

  • Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend

    Author: Lizzie Huxley-Jones
    Publisher: Knights Of
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Vivi must use her newfound powers to stop a ruthless tyrant from destroying the human world. This enthralling magical adventure seamlessly blends ancient Welsh mythology with a diverse cast of characters in a contemporary setting.

  • Vivian Versus the Apocalypse

    Author: Katie Coyle
    Publisher: Hot Key Books
    Interest age: 14-15
    Reading age: 13+

    Sixteen-year-old Vivian Apple is awaiting the predicted 'Rapture' with a healthy degree of scepticism.

  • Voices in the Park

    Author: Anthony Browne
    Publisher: Picture Corgi
    Interest age: 6-8
    Reading age: 5+

     An aloof, stern mother and her lonely son encounter an unemployed father and his friendly daughter as they walk their dogs in the park. Beautiful, profound and with lots to look at in Browne’s painterly tableaux.

  • Vote for Effie

    Author: Laura Wood
    Publisher: Scholastic
    Interest age: 9-11
    Reading age: 9+

    Laura Wood brings us a contemporary book for fierce pre-teens who want to make the world a better place. Effie's aims to make her new school a more inclusive space will encourage everyone to fulfil their potential. 

  • Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

    Author: Natasha Farrant
    Publisher: Faber & Faber
    Interest age: 9-12
    Reading age: 9+

    12-year-olds Ben and Lotti each need to get to France in the aftermath of World War I; so in the middle of a dark night they set off aboard the barge Sparrowhawk. 

  • Vroom, Zoom! Here Comes the Fire Engine!

    Author: Wee Gallery
    Publisher: Wee Gallery

    Do you know what noise a helicopter makes when it is flying through the sky? How about the bell of a bicycle or a fire engine's siren as it rushes down the road? Press the buttons on each page of this book and find out!