Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend

Publisher: Knights Of

Vivi is autistic and finds any change challenging, so is nervous about moving from rural Wales to south London with her two mums. Life becomes much more complicated when Vivi discovers that she shares the soul of Nimuë, the legendary Lady of the Lake, giving her magical powers.

She learns that, centuries earlier, ruthless King Arawn was magically imprisoned to prevent him from destroying the human world, but now the spell is weakening. With the assistance of a cantankerous, 1000-year-old talking dog named Gelert, Vivi must join forces with new classmates, Dara, Chia and Stevie, to stop Arawn from escaping. However, Vivi was bullied at her former school and finds it hard to open up to people, so as well as battling terrifying monsters, she must also find the courage to trust her new friends and embrace her individuality.

This enthralling magical adventure seamlessly blends ancient Welsh mythology with a diverse cast of characters in a contemporary setting. It is bursting with peril, treachery, humour and kindness, while the cliff-hanger ending will leave readers desperate for the next instalment. Alongside the fast-paced, otherworldly action, the captivating tale thoughtfully explores gender identity, ethnicity, bullying and neurodivergence in a genuinely inclusive way.

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