Maggie Blue and the Dark World

Publisher: Guppy Books

Following her parents’ bitter separation, 12-year-old Maggie moves in with her eccentric Aunt Esme, who is kind but distant. Maggie is lonely and the only interactions she has at her new school are when she is told off by teachers or tormented by Ida Beechwood and her gang.

Her dismal life takes a strange turn when a cantankerous one-eyed stray cat speaks to her, introducing himself as Hoagy. Maggie then begins to catch glimpses of what appears to be a parallel world. She is aghast when she sees Ida being dragged by a wolf through a portal into this other world. Knowing that nobody will believe her account of the abduction, Maggie realises she is the only one who can rescue Ida.

With Hoagy by her side, Maggie embarks on a dangerous journey into a sinister realm, where she encounters bizarre creatures, moon witches and horrors far darker than she could have imagined.

The first in a series, this compelling fantasy adventure explores the nature of happiness, friendship and trust. Engaging characters and a gripping plot will hook readers from the start, and the imaginative story will prompt them to consider mental health issues from an entirely different perspective.

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