Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend

Publisher: Pushkin Children's

Vitello and his mum live in a terraced house by a ring road where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. When a new family move into the neighbourhood, Vitello is excited - but he is disappointed to discover they don't have a cool boy for him to play with, only a yucky girl. But an afternoon with Camilla and her crazy hamster proves more fun than Vitello could ever have expected: maybe having a 'yucky girlfriend' might not be so bad after all?

One of a series of stories about Vitello, which see him have a variety of adventures, this idiosyncratic book from Danish duo Kim Fupz Aakeson and Niels Bo Bojesen is full of quirky humour and an anarchic sense of fun that children will love. The scribbly illustrations have a chaotic, energetic quality, and with longer, more substantial blocks of text than in many picture books, there is plenty hear to appeal to older and more confident readers as well as younger children.

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