Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Victoria Stitch isn’t like the other wisklings, the fairy-like people that live in Wiskling Wood. Born of a crystal with a dark ‘stitch’ running through it, she’s power hungry, determined to get herself on the wiskling throne at any cost and claim what she sees as her birthright. She couldn’t be less like her twin sister, Celestine – who is kind, patient and fair, and just wants to have a normal life.

But when a mysterious stranger appears in the forest, Victoria Stitch thinks she might have found a chance to make all her dreams come true. As she delves further and further into the world of dark wiskling magic in the pursuit of power, she’s in danger of losing sight of what’s most important to her. Does Victoria Stitch truly want to be bad and glittering? And is she really the rightful Queen of the wisklings?

Packed full of gothic glam and with a hefty dose of sparkles and glitter, Victoria Stitch is a fabulous anti-heroine who will appeal to young witchy fans of Muncaster's Isadora Moon or Laura Ellen Anderson's Amelia Fang. Harriet Muncaster’s irresistible elfin illustrations run throughout, from the deliciously mean Ursuline to the sweetness-and-light Celestine. Expect a lot of Victoria Stitches on the doorstep come Halloween.

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