Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball

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Publisher: Farshore

Amelia Fang is a feisty ten-year-old vampire, who loves spending time with her two best friends, Grimaldi the reaper and Florence, a rare breed of yeti. They live in Nocturnia, a land of darkness, ghosts and ghouls, where the sparkly magic of fairies and unicorns fills them with terror.

As organiser of the annual Barbaric Ball, Amelia's mother is delighted when King Vladimir and his son Prince Tangine announce they will be attending the event. The royal pair haven't been seen in public since the sad demise of the Queen, who was rumoured to have been eaten by a fairy. Amelia loathes the Ball, but at least this year she'll have someone of her own age to keep her company. However, she is appalled when she meets Prince Tangine, who is pompous, rude and always gets what he wants. When he takes Squashy, Amelia's beloved pet pumpkin, she embarks on a daring rescue mission. As she sneaks around the palace, Amelia is shocked to discover some glittery secrets about her arch enemy.

The first in a series, this ghoulishly funny chapter book is full of fabulous gothic pen-and-ink illustrations and explores the importance of friendship.

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