Violet Ink

Publisher: Puffin

Izzy is twelve and has a million things to deal with - from making a fool of herself in PE, to dealing with the bullies on the route between school and home, to her grandfather's dementia - but luckily her big sister Alex is always there for her when she needs her. But when Alex gets a new boyfriend, things start to change, and Alex drifts away from Izzy. They've always kept in touch via notes and letters, and this doesn't change, but there's still a secret between them, a secret that could disrupt the family's happy daily life.

Violet Ink gives its reader an open and frank insight into the mind of a teenage girl and all the complications she faces. It is refreshing to see how Izzy learns to deal with these problems, with the help of her sister, mother and friends, but increasingly also becoming more independent. An engaging read that shows the importance of family, and the many shapes and forms it can come in.

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