Virus: Virtual Kombat 2

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

In a post-apocalyptic 2031, businessman Vince Power has made billions from Virtual Kombat, an online Virtual Reality (VR) game used by adults to escape from the chaos of the world outside.

Scot is one of the "lucky" orphans chosen by Vince to be an Elite Gamer but he soon discovers that VK is a deathtrap that fries kids’ brains. Which makes him a target for Vince’s deadly Wasp drones.

While on the run, Scott comes across a gang of hackers who, like him, want to destroy VK but their plan means he must re-enter the game to plant a virus and, in doing so, run the risk of getting trapped in VK for good.

A tense and gripping sequel to Gamer by the same author, which can be read as a standalone story. The depth of plotting and sense of jeopardy are compelling and appropriate for a teenage audience, while the super-readable format makes the text accessible.

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