Violet’s Tempest

Publisher: Lantana

Violet’s class are preparing for their school play – Shakespeare’s The Tempest. While her classmates buzz with excitement, she begins to worry. Recently, Violet’s world has changed. Her voice has gone from a giggle to a whisper. She’s not sure how she can play the role of the airy and mischievous sprite Ariel, when she feels so sad and heavy.

At home, her wonderfully calm and supportive Nana and Uncles help Violet prepare for the play. Mr Newman, her teacher, is also there to help. He never shouts or gets angry when she mumbles and stumbles over her lines. With her, he is patient and encouraging.

Over the next few weeks, Violet practices and practices and her mood gradually starts to improve. On the day of the performance, her nerves return, and she begins to doubt herself. But when she sees her family in the front row, Violet feels free, peaceful, and turns that whisper into a roar!

With whimsical watercolour illustrations, this is a wonderfully warm story of facing up to and overcoming your fears, as well as the power of a supportive family. Through the opening pages of the book, we understand that something has happened to change Violet’s mood. This can give older children the opportunity to talk about what might have happened. Though it’s not specified, she lives with her nan, so perhaps she’s lost her parents.

A tender story about an anxious young girl preparing a role in her school play.

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