Be Brave, Little Penguin

Publisher: Hachette

All the penguins love playing in the sea - except Little Pip-Pip who is too scared to take the plunge.  What if the water is freezing or he can’t swim, or there are monsters lurking in the depths? The other penguins tease him, but Pip-Pip’s mum listens to his fears, understands, and slowly encourages him to consider what the sea might actually offer - like warmth, fun and friendship.  Needless to say, she is right.

Be Brave, Little Penguin brilliantly conveys the power of connection. Once his mother has attuned, validated and empathised with his anxieties, the little penguin finds he is able to face his fears. This is a great way of normalising uncomfortable emotions for the reader, and gently challenging stigma surrounding anxiety. There’s also an important message for young readers to hear about the value of sharing our feelings with a trusted adult. This rhyming, reassuring book shows us that with acceptance of our emotions, we can all start to find the courage to dip our toes in and overcome our fears. 

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