Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Violet Remy-Robinson lives with her parents in a tidy flat in a beautiful estate with a large garden. She knows and likes all of her neighbours, from best friend Rose to the eccentric retired actress Dee Dee Derota. So when the unfriendly Count and Countess Du Plicitous move in with their horrid daughter Isabella, Violet is not too happy. Things get even worse when Dee Dee's priceless jewel, the Pearl of the Orient, goes missing. Discovering clues that the police have missed Violet is sure she can solve the crime, even if the adults will not listen to her.

Violet is the sort of protagonist every child will enjoy reading about, smart, independent, and determined, despite being ignored by adults and underestimated by the bad guys. The exciting tale is peppered with clues so readers can follow Violet's quest as well as guess themselves who the baddies might be. The beautiful illustrations found throughout the book really add detail to the story and help bring the characters to life.

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