Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure

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Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Mr Penguin is an Adventurer, and after placing an advert for his services in the newspaper, he is delighted when he is contacted by Miss Boudicca Bones. She is in dire need of funds to repair her Museum of Extraordinary Objects and desperately needs Mr Penguin’s help to locate the treasure her great-great-great-grandfather hid somewhere in the museum.

Pausing only to collect his fishfinger sandwich from the fridge, Mr Penguin and his silent but remarkably strong sidekick, Colin the spider, race to the museum. The pair of super-sleuths quickly decipher the clues and discover the entrance to a secret underground passage. Accompanied by Miss Bones and her enormous brother Monty, they stumble through the gloomy tunnel, emerging in a remarkable subterranean jungle. Where is the hidden treasure, can they escape from the hungry alligators and will Mr Penguin get to eat his lunch?

With short chapters, clear text and comical black-and-orange illustrations, this rip-roaring adventure will be a big hit with newly independent readers who are looking for more challenging stories. Fast-paced and funny, with plenty of twists and turns, this is a fantastic first story in an extremely entertaining series.

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