A Chase in Time

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Every summer, Alex and his elder sister Ruby spend two weeks at Applecott House, their great-aunt’s bed and breakfast. They love the grand old building, which is full of fascinating artefacts from all over the world.

When Alex and Ruby pass the ornate French mirror in the hallway one evening, they are astounded to see two other children reflected back at them. Toppling through the mirror in surprise, they find themselves in Applecott House of 1912, and come face to face with their ancestors Henry and Dora.

Alex and Ruby are quickly swept up in a whirl of excitement. First, there is a fire in the stables and everyone has to work together to put it out. Then, Uncle Atherton’s priceless artefact, the Newberry Cup, goes missing. The children piece together the clues and embark on a thrilling motor-car chase to catch the thief. They thoroughly enjoy their visit to the past, but will they be able to find their way back to their own time?

This rip-roaring time-slip novel has a fast-paced plot and entertaining characters. With black-and-white line drawings illustrating each chapter, this first tale in the series is ideal for confident young readers with an interest in history.

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