Viper's Daughter

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Publisher: Zephyr

Torak and his friend Renn, the best shot in the forest with a bow and arrow and, now, his mate, have been living happily in the great Forest that covers the stone age-era earth for two years with their wolf pack Wolf, Darkfur and Pebble and their cubs. Yet, one day, Torak discovers that Renn has taken a canoe and disappeared downriver, leaving him. Why would she have done such a thing? Is it something to do with her mother, the Viper Mage? And what is it that Renn believes is inside her that is so terrible she would leave Torak?

The seventh book in Paver's multi-million selling Wolf Brother series which began in 2004 sees a welcome return to beloved characters Torak, Renn and Wolf. For this instalment of the adventure, Paver takes us to the arctic circle, exploring ice caves and indigenous communities that thrive in its freezing conditions. As with all the books in the series, readers learn a tremendous amount about stone age life from the depth of authentic detail that Paver weaves effortlessly into her story, whilst never sacrificing fast pace and page-turning gusto.

This is the first in three new books planned for the epic series, which reads happily on its own for new readers as well as provides a fabulous new adventure for existing fans.

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