Verity Fibbs

Publisher: Headline

Whether she's impersonating her fashion designer mum to sneak into celebrity night spots, jumping into limousines with mysterious boys, or sneaking her way on board a yacht for an exclusive party, 15 year old Verity Fibbs is always determined to make life as interesting as possible - even if it means twisting the truth. And when she gets bored with reality, she can always escape into the exciting world of the role playing game she loves, Demon Streets, in the guise of her online alter ego Maisie Malone.  But when her mother leaves her home alone when she goes on a trip to New York, Verity's online world and her real life begin to collide, and she finds herself facing a very real villain.

Touching on some interesting and unusual themes including ethical fashion, celebrity culture and online gaming, this is a lively, fun and engaging read with a strong central character and plenty of energetic humour and action. Cathy Brett's distinctive graphic illustrations are the perfect complement to the text, offering a highly visual and very appealing reading experience which is all too rarely found in teenage fiction.

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