Valdemar's Peas

Publisher: Gecko Press

Valdemar and his little sister are really excited about dinner today. It’s fish fingers, Valdemar’s favourite, and he’s so hungry that he eats them whole, gets down from the table and waits in anticipation for his ice cream.

But what about his peas? Valdemar hates peas so he didn’t eat them, but Papa says no ice cream until all the peas are eaten. How unfair...! But then a brilliant idea makes sure he gets his ice cream without eating a single pea.

Valdemar’s experience of mealtimes will be familiar to many youngsters who love sweet treats but are less enthusiastic about vegetables.

Using a limited colour palette, deceptively simple illustrations reflect Valdemar’s personality and mood perfectly and bring to life a little wolf character who is as ingenious as he is cheeky. Funny, relatable and satisfying.

Translated by Julia Marshall (from Swedish).

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