Virus (4u2read)

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Stuck in Mr Lee's tedious ICT class, building a website with Max, Nahim decides to have some fun. But when the virus he emails to Polly and Amina gets clicked open, Nahim, Polly and Amina vanish: suddenly, they're in all kinds of trouble. 

They're trapped inside the internet, pursued by a vengeful monster called Thunderstrike, which, oddly enough, is the name of Nahim's virus. After several terrifyingly narrow escapes from spiders and giant cranes cunningly using web-links and a search engine, Nahim has a brainwave. Max is a ninth level wizard in War Zone World. If they can find a way there, maybe dull old Max might rescue them?

This short, snappy, fast-moving story packs a lot of action into an entertaining, imaginative, technologically inspired plot.

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