Victor, The Wolf with Worries

Publisher: Macmillan

Victor is a young wolf who has lots of worries. He worries about pretty much everything: that he isn't brave enough, that he isn't big enough and that he isn't fierce enough. So instead, he pretends that he is. But this leads to worries about how his shortcomings will affect the other wolves in his pack; for example if he acts fiercely, he could end up accidentally frightening his fellow wolves. The pretending doesn’t seem to be working, and so his worries just keep on growing.

Victor had a very kind and empathetic best friend called Pable, who has noticed that Victor looks worried. When Victor shares his concerns with Pablo, he starts to feel a bit better. And with Pablo's help, Victor learns even more ways to deal with those pesky worrying thoughts. And as the worries grow smaller, Victor feels a bit bigger, a bit braver, and bit fiercer inside.

Victor, the Wolf with Worries is a comforting and reassuring tale that is especially helpful for anxious children or those who have trouble opening up about their feelings. Featuring techniques on how to deal with worries and anxiety, this gentle picture book is an ideal starting point to help children deal with issues affecting their mental well-being.

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