Vi Spy: Never Say Whatever Again

Publisher: Chicken House

Having already saved the world from evil supervillain, Umbra, Vi thought spy school would be a doddle. But things at Rimmington Hall are not going well and, to make matters worse, she and her geeky stepbrother, Russell, are caught in the crossfire between divorced parents who simply can’t get on.

And then Umbra comes back. With an even more sinister plot involving mind-control and a communications satellite that can access the brain of every single person in the entire world.    

One thing’s for sure: Vi, Russell, Mum, Dad and the entire Silver Service will have to join forces to save the world (again) – and finally unmask the real Umbra.

Rather like the fuse on one of the Silver Service’s improvised bombs, Vi’s adventure starts with a slow-burning set-up before blooming into a massive explosion of madcap chaos and a dramatic finale with some truly nail-biting moments. Packed with puns, super-spy gadgets, devious plans and some hilarious new characters, there are also underlying themes of compromise, teamwork and loyalty. This second instalment of Vi’s world-saving adventures can be read as a stand-alone story, but readers will get maximum enjoyment if they have read the first book Licence to Chill

Contains some violent scenes.

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