The Great Dream Robbery

Publisher: Puffin

Professor Dexter’s motto has always been "What if?", and has led him to the verge of a huge breakthrough in dream research at Somnia Inc. But six weeks ago, there was a terrible accident that left him trapped in a nightmare that he can’t wake up from.

When his daughter Maya visits him in the expensive, secure, private hospital his boss is paying for, all she can do is watch him sleep. Until a boy appears in her dreams suggesting that the "accident" was no such thing and that she alone has the power to rescue her dad.

Featuring a hospital heist, a mattress salesman, hairdressing accessories from a skip, a unicorn singing show tunes, and lots of cows, this witty comedy thriller showcases the resourcefulness and courage of a trio of youngsters known as the Dream Bandits.

In an outrageous adventure that celebrates imagination and the power of dreams, the jokes come thick and fast and readers are invited to participate in the action. But, underlying the humour and surreal goings on, are themes of friendship, faith and facing your fears. All this makes The Great Dream Robbery a first-class choice for readers with a wide range of interests.

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