Shoe Wars

Publisher: Scholastic

Wicked Wendy Wedge would score at least 9¾ out of 10 on the despicability scale. Her great ambition is to take over the whole of Shoe Town (and then the world!) and she’ll do absolutely anything to achieve it.

So far she has closed down the independent shoe shops, coerced every shoe designer in town to come and work at her massive shoe factory and forced almost everyone to wear her nasty, clumpy, uncomfortable wedges. Oh, and she has made slippers illegal.

All Wendy needs now is to win the prestigious Golden Shoe Award, by stealing the designs for the world’s first flying shoes, and she will be absolutely unstoppable. Can Ruby and Bear Foot, and their inventor dad, keep their designs safe from Wendy and her slimy sidekick, Mr Creeper? Or will Wendy triumph and take her next step towards world domination?

An original and outrageous storyline gives plenty of scope for absurd inventions, loathsome baddies and heroic deeds from underequipped underdogs. This is a tale oozing creativity and packed with pen and ink illustrations, exciting and expressive typography and visual jokes.

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