I Want a Bunny!

The Little Princess series

Publisher: Andersen Press

The Little Princess is visiting her awful friend Petronella who has everything that the Little Princess wants – most of all, a lovely soft brown bunny called Chocky. The Little Princess throws a wobbler, demanding a bunny, but the royal staff try to distract her with pets that need less cage-cleaning and bottom-wiping.

Unfortunately, the stick insect gets lost in a tree, the goldfish makes a break for it in the royal pond and the kitchen cat takes exception to being dressed up. Finally, the Queen agrees and they go to buy a lovely white bunny, Chalky. However, disaster strikes when Petronella visits, riding her new pony…

This new instalment in The Little Princess’ adventures reminds children of the responsibilities of owning a pet, as well as depicting the kind of “frenemy” friendship that children often experience. The Little Princess is totally relatable for children, honest in expressing her feelings, curious about the world and realistically stubborn about getting what she wants, at the same time as making us laugh.

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