What to Read After... Dear Zoo

Published on: 13 June 2021

If you and your children love Rod Campbell's classic lift-the-flap story, which other books might you enjoy? We've got some great recommendations in the latest edition of What to Read After...

The front cover of Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is an absolute classic that has been loved by generations of children - and is still just as popular today! But if you and your children love it, which other stories might you like?

First of all, for Rod Campbell fans, his new animal conservation-themed board book Look After Us features flaps and taps into little ones' natural inclination to care for animals.

Alternatively, for another classic character, why not try Find Spot at the Zoo, which sees everyone's favourite spotty dog having a day out? Elsewhere, Nicola Slater's Hello Zoo features Ludo the cat having a day out at the zoo too, with flaps AND a squishy bouncy castle.

For those who really love flap books

The front cover of Treacle Street

Katie Hindley's Treacle Street series is a must, featuring a cast of adorable animal characters involved in everyday life activities.

Alternatively, toddlers who love point-and-say books will find Edward Underwood's 100 First Words has plenty to engage them, as well as some nice big flaps to turn. And Jonny Marx and Zoe Waring's Peek-Through series of board books present a simple rhyming story based around everyday toddler life events like shopping and the jobs people do.

Toddlers looking for other brilliant reads

Check out Lauren Crisp and Thomas Elliott's Noisy Tractor: I Can Learn My First Sounds,which features some very realistic tractor noises and a really satisfying (and durable) squishy plastic tractor on the front.

Diana Bedoya's Busy Grow is part of a lovely board book series from Campbell Books, featuring topics such as growing vegetables, recycling and many more. And Nicola Slater's Where's My Jumper? is a cute and funny little tale in a board book, perfect for toddlers very attached to favourite clothes, toys or blankies.

For slightly older children looking for a zoo-themed book

The front cover of This Zoo is Not For You

Ross Collins' brilliantly silly This Zoo is Not For You will suit 2-3 year olds due to its minimal text, while Maudie Powell-Tuck and Karl James Mountford's stunning The Moonlight Zoo is a visual treat for 4-5s.

Finally, John Burningham's The Way to the Zoo tells the story of a little girl who finds a door in her bedroom wall that leads to a zoo. Magical!

What would you recommend?

Now it's your turn! You've seen our recommendations, and now we want to know your suggestions. Did your children discover a new favourite book after falling in love with Dear Zoo? Maybe there's a lift-the-flap book that never gets old, or an animal story you adore.

Let us know in the comments box below or by tweeting us @BookTrust using the hashtag #WhatToReadAfter!

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