Peek-Through Around Town

Publisher: Little Tiger

Dusty the dog is bored. He wants to go for a walk, so he heads off for a circuit of his town. He visits the café which smells deliciously of pastry and coffee, the book shop run by a friendly purple owl, and the music shop where Dusty enjoys making noise with all the different instruments. He also makes time to visit the sweet shop and the greengrocer, before ending up at the town restaurant for a dinner date with his best friend. Delightful!

The Peek-through series of board books from Little Tiger offer toddlers a bit of narrative, unlike many board books, which make them ideal for slightly older little ones with longer attention spans. The text is rhyming, so there’s a nice rhythm to the story, and young listeners will be introduced to a good set of vocabulary words such as twang, ruckus, cauliflower, greengrocer etc. Last, the durable peek-through flaps leading the reader along Dusty’s journey from one shop to another is a great interactive feature, encouraging interest and play.

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