Peek-Through Jobs We Do

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Publisher: Little Tiger

Roxy the rat is a cute kid who takes us around her neighbourhood to find out what jobs different animals do. Dasher the dog is a detective, Rocket the chicken is a chef, Michelle the monkey is a mechanic and Penfold the Pig is a banker.

As well as presenting the name of each job, Roxy explains what each job does with a little rhyme each time, for instance: Smokey the firefighter is bravest of all / She helps put out fires, the big and the small. Rather nicely, at the end of the book we find out that not everyone works in the daytime: Roxy herself is a nurse just about to start on the nightshift.

A board book with eight thick pages, we follow Roxy’s tour of the neighbourhood by “peeking through” a centralised square flap on each page, which shows us whose job we’re going to look at next. The interactive element, rhyming text and the subject of jobs means that this is probably a book for older toddlers and preschoolers who can understand the concept of work and enjoy interacting with the book.

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