Busy Grow

Publisher: Campbell Books

A little girl and a little boy plant seeds in the earth and water them. Over time, the plants grow and start to produce flowers, and then fruit and vegetables – strawberries, beans, carrots, tomatoes and much more! Finally, mum makes a lovely salad from what they’ve grown for lunch. Delicious!

This excellent board book for toddlers is full of lovely, thick cardboard pull-outs and wheels to turn, from a sunflower that “grows” on the cover to water coming from a watering can and a salad magically appearing in the salad bowl. With a simple rhyming text throughout, Busy Grow accompanies the other books in the Busy… series with a few simple questions in the book to help adults get used to asking questions about the book and talking about it with their toddlers. There’s detail in the illustration too, meaning that the book has more stimulation than a baby book, making it ideal for two year olds and above. It’s also a great opportunity to start talking to children about where food comes from, too.

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